Avoiding Pitfalls and Traps in the Assessment of PTSD

This is one-CE course will provide an overview of the assessment of PTSD and help you to avoid some of the most common mistakes seen in the assessment of PTSD. This is a test course, which will be submitted for approval to the Association of Social Work Board. The course is designed for an intermediate practitioner, meaning that it builds on your existing knowledge of PTSD.

Training objectives:

  • 1. Establish a clear criterion A event for the diagnose of PTSD
  • 2. Appropriately use criterion A in the assessment of clusters B – H
  • 3. Explain key differences of re-experiencing symptoms of trauma survivors with and without PTSD
  • 4. Explain key disorders to differentially diagnose PTSD
  • 5. Discuss two ways to be trauma sensitive when assessing victims of trauma